Charismatic magic and motivation


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Audi RS5 Product Launch

"Pierre was amazing!!  He brought the crowd to showcase our cars in ways I did not even think possible. Changing keys in their hands and even changing an A3 into an RS5. I had to check he hadn't changed my R8 into another car while I wasn't looking. Truly incredble."

Steven Graham (Senior Manager)

Resident Magician at Cirque le Soir

"Catering to our high end clients means always getting the hottest and newest acts. We have always used the best magicians and Pierre was no exception. He was able to interact with guests of all cultures and backgrounds, from celebrities to foreign businessmen. Pierre had always showcased his newest works to the delight to our patrons.  

James Maven (Manager)

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Ria and Michael's Wedding

"Hiring a magician for my wedding was the best decision I ever made. Many of our friends and loved ones were meeting for the first time at the wedding and Pierre used his magical act to get the guests from both sides to talk and bond. He used cards where my guests wrote lovely messages for us and gifted us the cards to keep as a momento. Our guests went wild and really got into the festive mood. I was touched at how he brought the experience of our love into the evening.

Ria Wicks (Bride)

Magician at the GOSH Christmas Party

"We planned to hire a magician to include a touch of magic for the Christmas celebrations. Originally, I thought Pierre would just focus on the children...  I had no idea at how he would include both the children and staff in his act. I think this may have been one of the best experiences for the patients - he made them feel every bit as part of the experience as anybody else. Pierre even did part of his act without speaking to include the children with hearing difficulties. Very highly recommended!

Jane Morden (Charity Events Coordinator)

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